Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coming this week - Glitz and Glamour!

More and more Glitzy Jewels coming this week - perfect for Prom, Spring Formals, and just to jazz up your Spring Vintage Wardrobe!
Vintage Tiered Necklaces

Better Vintage Brooches
Brown Rhinestone Brooch

Vintage Bracelets

Vintage Rhinestone Necklaces

Better Vintage Earrings

Vintage Brooches

Vintage Brooches

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creative Loafing Style Stalker Shout Out! Thanks CL!

Photo and Text from Creative Loafing March 6, 2012 

Collette Ellis 

The body piercer recently returned from traveling with Cavalia

The circus is typically not the first place one would think to look for stylish people. So when I spotted Collette Ellis at Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa recently, looking every bit the vintage fashion plate, I was surprised to find out that she had recently returned from traveling with Cavalia, the equestrian circus. Her piercings were the first thing to catch my eye (she has jewelry in her cheeks, vertical monroe, labret and throat, amongst other places) and, surprise, surprise, she's a body piercer at Sadu Body Modifications on Central Avenue. She's been piercing professionally for more than five years.
JasiaticWhen asked about her own personal style, given her recent travels, I got a kick out of her response. "If I had to define [my style], I suppose it would be a blend of gypsy, world traveler, fair, hippy." She's a thrift store shopper who frequents vintage stores in Charlotte, one of her favorite consignment shops being Buffalo Exchange in Plaza Midwood. In addition to the intrigue of her facial piercings, her hair color is also totally awesome.
Dress: Sleepy Poet
"I like to be unique and different, so this was the perfect choice."
Scarf: Value Village
"Another one of my favorite places to shop. They have interesting items I love. Most people, it seems, like to be told what is OK to wear, but I just don't understand that."
"The 'mister' gave it to me as a gift."