Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nehru - now and then!

So - despite my poll regarding Holiday Party attire, I of course didn't follow my own recommendations and decided instead to wear a 1950's gold and blue brocade Nehru jacket.
Although it did have the original Nehru hat too, but I declined to wear that, although I am seriously thinking about creating a headband with the fabric. How cute would that be!

Paired with the Nehru Jacket, I tried several style of pants, classic black trousers (styles too off), chic black palazzos (too big and boxy), so I ended up with a nice fabric black legging - giving the jacket nice emphasis, I think Prime Minister Nehru would be proud! Finished the outfit with whimsical silver and gold polkadot ballet slipers and I got the look I was going for - vintage whimsy, but fancy enough for the Holiday Bash!

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