Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I want Candy! - that's the theme on the eVintage blog-go-round this week. CANDY! Damn Good Vintage has tagged me so off we go...

1)The colors of CANDY! What’s your favorite candy colored vintage piece in your collection?

We love this pink and yellow taffy floral 50's dress coming soon to Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage!

2)What’s the sweetest accessory you’re offering right now, or if you don’t have one for sale, tell us about one of your own!

Don't you just want to eat this purse up! Sweet 50's poodle motif wicker bag! Coming soon to Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage!

3) Sweet tooth? What’s your favorite candy?

Anything ultra sugar-y! Peeps, Circus Peanuts, Sweet Tarts...what's wrong with me???

4)Ice cream…..chocolate or strawberry, and why?

Strawberry - but only with real berries, not just pink juice!

5) “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, classic film or Johnny Depp re-make….and why?

OK - so I have to say I am partial to the 70s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (even though Johnny Depp is on "my List"...) - a family friend played the role of Charlie's mother (dear Mrs Sowle) - and an uncle of mine was one of the kids running to the factory in one of the street scenes. The whole film was shot in Munich so what could be cooler!

6)Is your personal style sweet or salty?
Salty of course! Does Cracker Jack count as candy? Check out this bodysuit with a Cracker Jack -like motif from the 70s coming soon to Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage!

So if you're not partial to Bow Wow Wow - how about Iggy Pop and the lovely retro B-52's diva Kate Pierson?! (Man he still makes me shiver!)

So now we're off to see what sweet stuff is goin on over at

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