Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This week eVintage is showing off our Animal Instincts with our fav animal prints! We're tagged from Damn Good Vintage!

1) Show us your favorite piece of animal print apparel in your inventory!

Gotta be the Leopard Coat - the must-have in every vintage gals wardrobe!

2) What is your favorite animal print to wear & why?

Again - nothing is better than Leopard.

3) Favorite to sell?

Coats coats and more coats!

4) Favorite pet and best pet story?

My chi's - Cisco Kid, Winnie, and Panda Bear of course!But I could go on and on boasting about them - so I won't bore you.

5) Scared of animals? Which one scares you the most & why?

Would that be Animals, or animals...sorry Wicked joke...

6) Favorite animal to visit at the zoo or to collect images of?

Definitely flamingos - I am a sucker for them and the 1950's Flamingo kitsch. But especially the Turner prints!

Now we're off to see what Funkoma has to say!

Celebrating Animal Prints - Here for our music fix is The Animals in all their 60s mod glory!

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