Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween - only 6 weeks away?!

OK - so many of us procrastinators that sounds like a lifetime...but if you're looking for a cool Halloween costume, now is the time to check out your local Vintage Clothing shop before the rush of October!

Why? Most adults will visit their local Halloween or costume rental for a quick costume - but did you know that many adult costume start at $50! And what are the likelyhood that you'll see the identical costume on someone else!

Did you know that many costume rental shops resource thrift and vintage shops to obtain their inventory - and then just rent/clean/rent/clean/rent/clean the same outfits over and over and over...all st $20 PER DAY!

Shopping vintage helps the environment by reducing new items to the landfills, saves money on your pocket, and gives you a unique costume that will make you the talk of the party!

Visit your local vintage shop for more great Halloween ideas today!

Special Thanks to Treasure Box for the costume ideas/photos


Kristin Joy said...
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Improvedliving said...

I am sure this is going to be great fun