Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shopping Trip Extravaganza!

Oh the beginning of summer, the birds are chirping, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sun is blazing, and best of all…the summer flea markets are OPEN!

Each and every year, Kitsch-y-Cool makes a pilgrimage to several large flea markets in the MidWest for their opening weekends – and this year was a doozy!

Winnie sunning her face with 25 + bags of fresh Vintage waiting to be loaded into the van.

*We found gobs of great 40s-50s dresses, wiggle pencil skirts in wools and linens.

*Capris and Clamdiggers to DIE for – with adorable crop ruffle tops – picture Ann-Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie!

*40s-50s 2pc suits, cocktail dresses, some great 60s minis!

– and maybe a bathing suit or two?

Coming Soon - something new each and every Friday...

With Kitsch-y-Cool Home going strong across the aisle from Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage, I spent some extra time this year looking for fun and funky furniture and home furnishings – and a choice few pieces waiting for an

artistic overhaul!

60s Blue Vinyl Barrel Chair – I mean HELLO! Who can resist this?! AND coming soon, a settee to match?! Can you believe!?!

1960s French Provincial Style endtable / nightstand – come back and see what we turn this into later! I mean we can’t leave it just like that…can we?

1960s Giant fork and spoon –

ala Liz Lemon’s 30 Rock office!

Wonder if there will be room in the van for us?

So with a heavy heart (and a heavy van… does EZPass charge per pound??) we leave to return to Charlotte NC where we can’t wait to get all of these items cleaned and into Kitsch-y-Cool for all to see and enjoy for themselves.

Remember something new each and every Friday! (ok, so I was out of town last Friday, but…)

Enjoy - and we’ll see you at The Poet!!

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