Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You asked - We listened!

We're making it easier for you to shop at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage by providing sizes on each piece! The most frequent comment we hear is "How do you know what the sizes are", and most Vintage shops are sorted by color or style. For many customers it can be discouraging or frustrating to wade thru tons of vintage looking for the right fit.

So you asked, we answered - so beginning this week, all Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage garments will have a clearly marked XS - XXL label right on the tag, AND be sorted by size on the rack! No more guess work!

1 comment:

poodle said...

you guys heard of VV Brown? she's got amazing clothes - check out the bag she took the the cannes film festival and the shoes in her new vid - love her!