Monday, October 5, 2009

Hot 1970s Platform Heels online this week!

Right off the Disco floor! These 6.5 inch silver lame and glitter SKY high heels are our newest online offerings!

Or check out these white leather and wood 6 inch platform heels! Chunky Clunky Wood heels!


Maggi said...

Oh snap those are awesome. *drool* Any chance they are a size 6?!

Mumzie said...

I can't believe that I actually wore shoes like those back in the 1970's. I did, and I danced the night away in them. You can do anything when you're young and thin. Mumzie :O

Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage said...

Sorry Gals - those both were a large size 9.
Both are SOLD - but you know I'll always find more!