Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscar's - What We Loved...

OK people - enough dishing of what didn't work, (what could be worse that reading in the morning paper that you looked awful on your big Oscar night!)
- let's talk about a couple of looks that we loved!

Personally I tend to favor the classic Hollywood gown styles, but I also love when someone wears a whimsical gown, which is why I loved Carey Mulligan's (An Education) Prada gown embellished with tiny scissors, forks, and gears - so could this be Haute Couture Steampunk??? A lot of fashion writers out there are criticizing the choice, but I think it's FUN and Fashion Forward! I mean, who says you have to be stuffy at the Oscars!

One of the producers of the Foreign Language film El Secreto de Sus Ojos (Vanessa Ragone or Mariela Besuievsky, nobody on has posted these details yet!) wore this great crinoline lined black cocktail dress - 50's Vintage, or Vintage Inspired? I'm dying to find out!

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