Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our tribute to Jack Lalanne

Coming this week -we're remembering the Godfather of Fitness Jack Lalanne!Everyone needs a good jumpsuit! Whether you're working on cars, gardening, or working out like Jack Lalanne, jumpsuits are making a comeback - and this week we've got 'em for guys and gals!
Here are 3 examples of worker jumpsuits for the guys - white denim, blue ticking stripe, and chambray.

and for the gals - we love this 1970's pantsuit look that is so hot right now!!But if you're not the DIY type, check out these Fresh Vintage options coming this week!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE those 70's inspired pantsuits! It's true that Jack LaLanne was the first to make this look so "eyecatching" haha. Spring is a great time for this fitted style, too, since everyone is getting back into shape. If you need some inspiration, take another page from Jack LaLanne's book! Check out this article, the man's awesome energy and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle will definitely motivate you to get moving: