Friday, August 21, 2009

1950's Dress Week!

Following our productive most recent buying trip - we are finally able to begin bringing some of the wonderful goodies we have found!

This week we're bringing 80+ 1940's - early 1960's wonderful dresses!
  • Lucy style Day Dresses
  • Full Skirt 40s dresses
  • Mad Men Wiggle Dresses
  • and more!
Prices starting at $24 - many dresses still have original tags!
Sizes XS - XL fact many many of them are Large and XL - FINALLY Vintage for REAL WOMEN!!

These will all be available TODAY, only at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage in Charlotte!
Here's just a sneak peek of a few as we loaded them up this morning!

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Maggi said...

Wowowowow, these dresses look awesome! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, you have no idea how much I worship Kitsch-y-Cool, I send everyone over there! lol Have a great day!