Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We love a Good Hoarder!

OK, so it is my greatest fear that I will someday become the crazy lady with so much stuff in her house that you can't move around...but you gotta admit, when you visit a sale of someone who was a "hoarder" you can't help but be fascinated!

Thanks to a tip from my good friend Tom at Sleepy Poet, we went to a sale of one such "collector of all things". I so wanted to take home some pink vintage 60s toilet paper,
but my driver/bag carrier/husband forbade it.

But we did load up with TONS of fresh vintage right from the 40s - 50s. Day dresses, tops, pencils skirts, pumps, handbags, and gorgeous hats! Many still with the original tags! All will be available at Kitsch-y-Cool coming soon - as soon as we get'em cleaned up and ready to go!

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