Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashion in the Movies...

I thought I would start a new series of blogs on the movies that inspired me to collect and wear Vintage Clothing. I have always been a classic movie fan, and much of that was due to my fascination with the fashions of the past - be it clothing or home fashions.

Movies to me are one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the true vintage styles of those decades - many times when we see vintage costumes they are the Classic Stereotypes of those decades - disco for 70s, bobbie socks and poodle skirts for 50s, mod and hippie wear for 60s etc - I like to see what real people wore!

So why not start the series with probably my all-time favorite movie The Philadelphia Story - released in 1940, directed by George Cukor, and most notably, Costume Design by Adrian! Now granted this movie does portray high-society so it isn't what mainstream America was probably wearing in 1940 - but how can I resist! I'm not going into plot or story - hopefully this will entice you to see the movie for yourself if you haven't already!

So without getting too wordy - here are some of my favorites!
  • The classic Hepburn, here in "Riding Gear" - mens style shirt and jodhpurs
  • Tracy Lords (Hepburn) attempting to portray an "Over-The-Top" socialite to tabloid journalist Macaulay Conner and photographer Elizabeth Imbrie from Dubuque ("That's west of here isn't it", "Yes, but we occasionally get the breezes")
  • I always loved how the lapel on C.K. Dexter-Haven's (Cary Grant) sportcoat was buttoned-up in this film!
  • Cary Grant is the only man who can pull off the button-up shirt with no tie look - again, check out the lapel!
  • Tracy Lord's sister Dinah with her jewels (a wedding present of her sisters) and HUGE hair bow!
  • Gingham Swimming Suit - ("My she was yar")
  • The knit cap with tassel in the library scene

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Martha said...

I always wondered about C.K.'s sportcoat in that movie, it just didn't seem to fit with all the other gentlemen -one of my most favorite movies -love it!