Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Shopping!!

Labor Day weekend marked our final journey of the year to one (or a couple...)
of our favorite flea markets of the year.
Sometimes it's not all about the Vintage...
I love all the unique finds at these eclectic markets around the country!
Big box of old keys and metal parts - if husband would let me buy them all, I would!
(The keys, not the old tires or guy with the mullet...)
Hooters and The Amish
One of my favorite booths! I just love the spools and old store displays!
Monday's flea market haul, there is no way it is all going to fit!!
We were very proud of our packing ability!
This weeks jewelry haul - every suitcase and purse is filled with baubles!!
Finally unloaded and the cleaning starts.
Fresh Vintage drying out back with our #1 guard dog!

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